business insight

business insight

We asked ourselves what specialist service would be of benefit to our clients.
That answer was simple.

post-it note: simple but effective

We’ve created two unique products; BizTalk and BizPower, that enable you to literally ‘ask the audience’. These specialist products represent typical business thinking across your core sectors.

Anyone can get the transactional data. Attitudinal tends to be a little bit more elusive. Opinions and trends shift quickly. We make it our job to tap into them via our research product. Responses are interpreted to provide enhanced value to our media product, and ultimately to your creative output. Simple.

BizPower is an electronic base of some 50,000 key decision makers. From brand owners to procurement officers, operations managers to marketers, CEOs – we’ve got them all.

BizTalk enables interrogation to this base via E-panels and E-surveys, so you can lobby and canvass opinion and acquire valuable attitudinal interpretation and insight for more intelligent direct marketing. This forms the ideal base for idea generation, prototyping, brand positioning, and new product or service development.

B2B Marketing Insight 2007. A research project into current trends and attitudes within UK business-to-business marketing. Click here for more information.