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B2B Magazine league table

B2B Magazine league table

October 2006

Cicero Ranked Number One B2B Agency
In the North Of England

In a new league table published this month, Manchester-based agency Cicero has been ranked as the biggest specialist business-to-business marketing agency in the North of England.

The league table, researched and controlled by leading trade publication B2B Marketing magazine, ranks Cicero at number 12 overall in the country, based on its gross income of £3.35million (all of which comes into Manchester); and number 9 if based purely on B2B income.

Danny Turnbull, Cicero MD, says, “Most of the top ten are based in London, and while some have operations or branches in the north, we are the largest in the region based on the income coming into our Manchester HQ.

“Many of our competitors are larger agencies with secondary B2B divisions, but this league table reinforces our strongest selling-point: that we are focused on a purely business-to-business offering.”

Although proud to be at the forefront of a relatively small B2B community in the north, Danny adds,

“We have never considered ourselves a ‘regional’ agency. Our roots and our base may be here in Manchester, but we service clients all over the world and are proud to be ranked so highly on this list of big-name national and international agencies.”

Cicero’s ranking also demonstrates the company’s impressive growth rate of 12 per cent from last year’s income figure.

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Agency Survey taken from B2B Marketing magazine, Oct 06

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